Why is there a 400ft limit on most drones?

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What can a drone see from feet?

If you’re new to drones or a 10,000-hour drone pilot, we all have had a conversation or ask ourselves why is there a limit on how high we can. Most drones cap out at 400ft. What is so special about 400 feet and why are we not allowed to go above that.

400 feet is the maximum altitude the F.A.A permits any drone or unmanned aircraft system to reach. This limits there iteration with other manned aircraft in the sky and makes them easier to track. In short, the FAA wants to keep drones at a much lower altitude so airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft have a far less chance of collision.

What does 400 feet look like?

Your next questions are probably, “well, how high even is 400 feet? What does it look like from up there?”

We sent our pilot to the field to show you exactly what 400 feet looks like. We captured aerial photos from a range of heights to compare how the different altitudes look and to put 400 feet into perspective.

Is 400 feet high enough for my project?

400 feet is high enough for a wide variety of drone projects, including residential real estate, commercial real estate, construction progress updates, and more. It provides a wide view of the land below and an excellent view of the landscape and terrain. In fact, for some projects it may even be too high. Often times our pilots rarely need to go to the 400 foot limit, and can instead capture great aerial imagery much closer to the subject. Flying at or close to 400 feet remains best for commercial real estate projects where the client wants to show off large buildings or properties.

Is it possible to fly above 400 feet?

The next question: is it possible to fly above 400 feet? The answer is yes. Drone pilots are allowed to fly 400 feet above the top of the tallest structure within a 50 foot radius of their operation. So to fly above 400 feet, a pilot would need to be standing near a reasonably tall structure, such as a building or cell tower.

How to stay within the 400 foot limit.

For drone pilots, it is important to respect the F.A.A. regulations and keep their sUAS operating below 400 feet. We recommend setting an altitude limit of 390 feet to make sure your drone stays within the operating limits. Fortunately, setting an altitude limit for all DJI Drones within the DJI Go 4 application. To set an altitude limit, launch DJI Go 4, enter your device, tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, tap on the drone icon at the top, scroll down to Set Max Flight Altitude, and enter in your desired limit. Keep in mind the units are in meters. We recommend setting a max flight altitude limit of 118 meters, or close to 390 feet. You can always change this limit if you are flying near a tall structure.

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