Drone Definition: What is a Drone?

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What is a Drone and how do they work?

The word drone has been used a lot lately. But what exactly is a Drone? A drone can be a lot of things but we will go over the distinctions between quadcopter drones, armed forces UAV drones, and helicopters so you can determine the difference. Drones can be made in any type of form or dimension, there is not a set form factor for what they consist of even that of a helicopter. A drone is any type of vehicle without a pilot inside the craft.


Can a Helicopter be a drone?

You’ve most likely listened to the term “Drone” being tossed around fairly a little bit recently. When you see what looks like a remote control helicopter, is that a drone?

A lot of individual drones are quadcopters, which are a lot more steady. Helicopter drones definitely cost more than most other drones. The remote-controlled range included with quadcopter drones have the capability to immediately return to where they were launched from. Technically, there is not a distinction in between helicopters and drones, it all comes down to how they are controlled. A drone can be made in the form of a helicopter, an aircraft, or even a balloon.


How UAS and UAV are defined and detailed is a little vague. Based on the definitions of the two a missile with a guidance system could be considered a drone. As a result of this, the armed forces and also the federal government have a more stringent interpretation, which they break down into two classifications of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). This interpretation, nonetheless, is a little bit vague as well.

UAV’s are a flying airplane piloted by someone that has control or a software application that sends commands for operation. This counts rockets out as they don’t have this ability and are fire and forget. UAS consists of both the airplane itself as well as any type of computer systems or remote made to control the aircraft.

Having these wide groups is valuable since the armed forces is constantly broadening its usage of unmanned systems. The term “Drone” typically refers to any type of unmanned vehicle, which might be as complicated as those utilized by our army or as easy as a remote control helicopter.

What is a quadcopter

There are 2 huge factors why quadcopters are preferred much more than helicopters. The flight of a helicopter is regulated by the pitch of the rotor blades and also the tail blades. Due to the design and engineering fixing a helicopter requires a good understanding of modern technology and is extremely expensive.

DJI Inspire
DJI Inspire

Quadcopters, on the other hand, are directly powered by 4 fixed-pitch blades which rotate at differing rates to manage all of the drone’s movement. Popular companies like DJI, Parrot and Autel Robotics, all produce drones with this exact layout.

These drones come with many different specifications and can be priced anywhere from $10 to $20,000 depending on what you are looking for. Since most use the quadcopter layout, the overall costs are reduced when compared to other types of aircrafts. The average helicopter drone is much more expensive and do not have any flying software program to help fly. They totally rely on the pilots skills.

Because quadcopters are less complex, you might ask yourself why pilots do not fly those rather than helicopters. Quadcopters have independant onboard software that helps them maintain things like altitude, aerial stability and ground or object avoidance. Rather than regulating the pitch of one blade, the pilot would certainly have to manage and also change 4 various blades all at once.

Along with being far more intricate to guide and also manage without the aid of onboard software application, the quadcopter layout is likewise much less reliable. Relocating two times the quantity of air at a reduced rate is much easier than relocating much less air at faster rates. This suggests that helicopter blades can rotate at a more reduced speed than quadcopter blades, while still creating even more lift.

Quadcopter blades are usually a smaller size than helicopter blades and also rotate at greater rates. Presently helicopters are able to take longer trips than a quadcopter drone with the exact same quantity of power.

I hope this helps answer the question of what a “Drone” actually is. As aerial drones have become more popular and cheaper, their use is sky rocketing for commercial and even recreational use.

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