Black Hornet 3 Awarded Army Contract


FLIR Systems has been awarded a $20.6 million contract by the United States Army for the Black Hornet 3. Its a personal reconnaissance Drone that should give Army Units a strategic advantage. With a proposed 30 minutes of flight time and an extremely mobile foot print the Black Hornet 3 has become another strategic tool in the Armies arsenal.

Black Hornet 3 brings capabilities Soldiers need on the battlefield.

U.S. Army Nano Drone Contract Awarded to FLIR Systems Black Hornet 3

The Black Hornet 3 can fit into the palm of your hand and weighs 33 grams. It can be deployed in extreme weather conditions and withstand sustained winds of up to 17 MPH. The Black Hornet 3 has a 1.24 mile range and is meant to be flown beyond the line of sight to give squads immediate situational awareness. With a top speed of 13.4 MPH its main target will be troops on the ground.

FLIR has outfitted the Black Hornet 3 with real-time video and thermal imaging for detecting heat variance at night. There is also an onboard GPS that helps the Drone land even while the enemy is jamming signals.

This is the second contract FLIR has signed with military. The first was for $39M back in January 2019.

As the world moves to embrace Drones and there expanding capabilities, large contracts are being awarded to companies that can meet the demand. FLIR Systems’ Black Hornet 3 brings many capabilities Soldiers need on the battlefield. FLIR probably won’t release a consumer version but if they did I would love to get my hands on one of these to see what it can truly do.

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